HydroSpin uses water flow inside the pipes to generate electricity

There is an exponentially increasing demand for clean water especially in those places, which do not have efficient electric supply like remote locations or big, crowded cities where water pipes are running under the ground. This urgent need of online monitoring is not met by the alternatives such as solar panels and other renewable energies. Although, hydroelectricity, i.e. energy production by water has been a successful accomplishment in the past, the markets are still void of efficient products. As a solution to this problem, an Israeli company HydroSpin Monitoring Solutions Ltd. has successfully developed a micro-generator known as Hydrospin that produces energy by monitoring the water flow inside the distribution pipes.

Using water to power itself
Using water to power itself
Hydroelectricity is among the cleanest of today’s clean energies

Hydrospin acts as a facilitator and provides energy used to power the ‘smart water network’ (SWAN). The SWAN is a system that transmits data about the water pH, toxicity, salinity, chlorine, pressure, flow rate etc. This system also keeps a check on each water droplet and provides data on any leaks as well as about usage of water. The Hydrospin can be used as a part of integrated supervising system as well as data transmitting systems that is the SWAN that generates power for itself and does not require any external source. Moreover, the system does not rely upon any onsite maintenance work. It can be operated from anywhere around the globe, can transmit data and communicate with the main server.

Established in 2010, the HydroSpin situated at Kibbutz Lavi in northern Israel has formulated a new breakthrough in hydroelectric technology. The Hydrospin produces around one to five watts of power by mobilizing the flow of water in the pipes. According to the CEO Gabby Czertok…

That’s enough to power a network and send the data forward every five minutes or so, instead of once a day in other smart water network systems.

As the Hydrospin generates its own energy, it does not have to depend on any external battery source or electricity-producing medium and therefore the sensors and other measuring devices are uninhibited to locations that lack access to grid power transmitting data throughout the day. This innovative new product of the recently founded company was selected as one of the 45 greatest Israeli inventions. The Hydrospin was exhibited at Jerusalem’s Bloomfield Science Museum with other chosen inventions.

The Hydrospin system solutions has the capability to be assembled within the water pipes and can be operated easily without hindering the regular water conveyance or without any need of sealing the water within the pipe. These systems can be used by various water utilities, water supply companies and other infrastructure companies all over the world. By making use of Hydrospin, these companies will be able to ameliorate water management effectively.


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