Google and DOE finance a huge volcano power project in Oregon

Google and the Department of Energy (DOE) have funded a massive project to generate geothermal power from a dormant volcano in Central Oregon. AltaRock Energy of Seattle and Davenport Newberry Holding of Stamford Connecticut are overseeing the geothermal project for clean energy. Google and DOE have already invested $43 million in the volcano power project.


Engineers plan to pump 24 million gallons of water into the areas of the dormant volcano to produce energy in a novel way this summer. The geothermal technology is a new method to produce alternative energy. The pumped water comes back to the surface fast and hot, which could be harnessed to generate electricity cheaply. The process will not bear any negative impact on the in environment. It will indeed not shake the earth or rattle the nerves of the nearby inhabitants.

The volcano power has been used in many parts of the country for sometime around. For several years now, geothermal power plants in Central America have been supplying clean power to communities in the area.

Google has a clear interest in the clean energy project. The web service provider has to power up its datacenters and aspires to use a low cost variants like geothermal power for the same. Lack of power is the biggest roadblock, which companies like the Mountain View tech and other giants face today in rolling out new and advanced data centers. Google has so far invested around $1 billion in sustainable energy projects.

Apart from Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft too are active players in other clean energy projects. All tech companies are upbeat about using clean energy sources to power up their businesses.


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