Powering portable electronic gadgets with electromagnetic wavesWireless power is emerging as a popular concept as wires represent a burden in terms of cost and maintenance.

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We use countless electronic gadgets every day. We have got used to them to the extent that we can’t even imagine a life without them. A significant part of our life is spent using and enjoying them. However, charging them can be pretty much difficult. We run into many obvious difficulties while doing so. Generally , there are two widely used modes of charging them. One is to use an AC adapter which delivers electric power to your gadgets. The other option is to use solar power, though it can be used only for certain devices which have a necessary level of compatibility. It is not easy to charge these devices on a daily basis using electric AC adapters. The problem is that you will have to take the wires with you all the time, and you will need to find an electric port to charge them. With solar chargers, weather fluctuations can be the spoilsport.