Efflux - An integrated wind turbine structure designed to perfection

You would have heard of various wind turbine projects that run toward the generation of power by using the naturally blowing wind’s energy. This generated power is then used to run several applications that require electrical energy as an input. For that purpose, the energy is generally transported and fed into the power grid. But, here is a unique and power-packed German design for an integrated wind turbine structure that is termed as Efflux. There are various unique features of this pylon that take its efficiency level to newer heights when compared to the regular wind turbine structures. You would be wondering what is the addition to this pylon that makes it different from other similar structures! Then, check out some of the exclusive characteristics of this power producer.

Efflux integrated wind turbine
Efflux is a pylon with an integrated wind turbine

Efflux firstly has an integrated wind turbine that is directly connected via this structure to the power grid. Its mast is connected to high-voltage lines that help transporting and feeding power to the grid. Such a feature supports a quicker utilization of the generated electricity in different applications. This system gets the power consumed in the least expected time. If the grid would supply this power to factories or buildings, their work will surely go uninterrupted and hassle-free! If it would serve some residential areas, people there will not have to face frequent power cuts! This is a great advantage of such an integrated power generation system that is Eco-friendly, as well as utilizes the natural renewable resource, the wind power.

Efflux pylon consists of a circular cross-sectional design on the mast. Such a design is much more efficient to provide dimensional stability to the wind turbine. Also, the generator has been housed within the aerodynamic-shaped mast. The mast’s shape has been designed as if it were a big penguin! Some people could also imagine it as a fat scarecrow standing in a field! This has especially been done for the purpose of ensuring a perfect air without obstruction, which is stronger, reliable and less turbulent.

Many a times, the mast is the neglected part of a wind turbine system, but it can cause serious risks of its bearings wear out or the amount of turbulence hitting the turbine getting increased, thus heightening up the maintenance cost of the whole system. So, this aspect has been given enough attention when it comes to the Efflux structure. Its mast shape is quite unique and well thought off, so it gets to support the turbine in the best possible manner with minimized risk. It has helped to cut down greatly on the overall system maintenance cost.

Designers of the Efflux integrated wind turbine structure have also invested a lot of effort while thinking over the maintenance techniques for this huge penguin. In order to serve the wind generator, there are multiple exit points provided through the ground access. These exit points further help during the work on high-voltage power lines when there is maintenance required from inside out. Also, every small dimension has been taken care of, so that better risk management can be ensured. The three turbine wings have been placed at equal angles to get the maximum amount of wind churned. Also, when the blades are revolved, the aim is to achieve a large expanse of spinning. The same way, its circular cross-sectional arms hold the high-voltage lines at precisely measured angles.

The project has pushed the whole structure being set up at a place where maximum wind could be obtained. There are multiple turbine units placed at defined distances and the high-voltage lines help to transport power from all these individual units to a common grid. Efflux framework is so strong that it not only covers various aspects of generating the power by harnessing natural forces, but also reduces the damaging effect in case of adverse environmental conditions. In spite of being such an advantageous system, it is not too complex to be set up. The whole system’s setup would still be easier and convenient as compared to the setup of a huge power plant.

If not the construction, the operation of the Efflux integrated wind turbine is definitely Eco-friendly. Such a green approach is the need of the hour, and every progressive area should concentrate on finding such natural and renewable energy harnessing systems. It would largely save our planet’s depleting energy sources. Such exclusive designs, as the Efflux integrated system, could become revolutionary steps while looking forward to bring a positive change in the power generation industry!


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