Five futuristic rescue systems that are green too

Rescue systems include all essential tools, equipment, machinery and anything that helps emergency personnel such as police, fire fighters, coast guards, military, etc. in emergency situations. These tools, that are included in the rescue system, are used as a part of safety measures in risky, emergency situations or for rescuing people who are in danger. No wonder that the best equipment of the latest technology are used for this purpose. But now that an effort to go-green is being made in every area and every invention, even rescue systems are being modeled in the same lines for future use. Here is a list of five such futuristic rescue systems that would help the environment gain its balance again:

1. Teseo & Airianna’ Solar-Powered Beach Rescue System

Teseo & Airianna’ Solar-Powered Beach Rescue System

Teseo & Airianna’ Solar-Powered Beach Rescue SystemCool stingray-inspired beach rescue vehicle

This beach rescue system, designed by an Italian designer Davide Anzalone, can be operated by a remote control. The shape of the vehicle has been designed by drawing inspiration from stingray, a type of fish. The vehicle runs on solar power and hence contributes to the world’s environment. This rescue system comes in two parts that have been named “Teseo” and “Airianna”. While Teseo is the part of the vehicle that generates power from water jet engine to rescue victims and take them to safety, Airianna is the solar powered tower where the remote control for the vehicle rests.

Teseo reaches a person struggling with the waves and as soon as the sufferer gets a grip on the vehicle, the rescue board drives him back to the shore safely. Apart from being run by solar power and the driverless assistance, this rescue system also possesses features such as Co2 cartridge and easy to plug in & off battery. Teseo and Airianna is a smartly designed rescue system that works efficiently and makes prompt rescue operation possible.

2. Solar Security System Concept

Solar Security System Concept

Solar Security System ConceptSolar Security System Conceptby EarthSure

People all over the world are concerned about the world environment and doing their bit to save the world by going “green”. Many of us therefore have solar panels installed to generate power through green measure. But at the same time these green efforts are being disturbed or even destroyed by some miscreants who steal these solar panels for their mean benefit. Since the cost of getting and installing solar panels is quite huge, hence it is better to protect them from theft rather than bearing the cost of replacing them with a new one once they are stolen.

With this objective in mind, EarthSure has designed a security system that would come to your rescue and prevent theft of your solar panels. EarthSure’s S.AS solar alarm system contains magnetic switching tools which are set in the side walls of the panel that set off an alarm when the panel is tried to be moved or lifted. This security system can be installed in both existing solar panels and the new ones.



CARVA futuristic rescue vehicle ideal for mountain environment

This is another rescue vehicle that deserves a mention here. Designed by Matt Hardman and named CARV, this vehicle draws energy in an eco friendly manner, i.e., it gets power from a 2.0 liter diesel electric hybrid engine. The rescue system features a rubber track system that has a steel band on it along with an air suspension system. These features make it easy to control the vehicle and thus makes it a perfect rescue vehicle for the mountains.

This rescue system can be conveniently used in summer or winter seasons. There’s a stretcher in this vehicle for putting rescued people in. The victims are strapped in the stretcher for safety. This stretcher can be easily placed in and out of the vehicle. A new system of tracking a person in need through GPS tracking signal makes the response time and rescue operation fast and efficient.

4. The amphibious robot

The amphibious robot

The amphibious robotwater runner robot

Inspired by the basilisk lizard and its motions, engineers of Carnegie Mellon University have developed the amphibious robot which can walk both on water and land. It is being thought of to add certain features to the robot. Features like ability to observe and examine quality of water through biochemical sensors, capability of breaking down pollutants with bacteria and cameras for spying, searching and exploring purpose are planned to be included in this amphibious robot. This robot, built at the nano-robotics lab, is expected to sort out a number of water problems from earth.

5. LSA Glider

LSA Glider

LSA GliderLSA Glider Introduced By Pipstrel

What makes Taurus LSA by Pipstrel, a Slovenian aircraft builder, stand out is the 50 HP retractable engine. This two-seater LSA is a self-launching glider with all facilities of a regular LSA punched into it. Taurus LSA can take off even on extremely short runways and glider fields. The system in this glider is fully automated and full safety measures have been included in it. The glider climbs a height of 3000 ft AGL within 6 minutes time. The glider has dual controls that both the pilots can reach.

The ventilation, seats, pedals and headrest are adjustable even during a flight. There’s a spacious baggage compartment that can accommodate an oxygen system which can be accessed during the flight too. Features of this glider also include Safety Cockpit Concept. Ballistic parachute rescue system can also be included in Taurus LSA. Taurus Electro is another version of Taurus LSA which is powered by electricity and is therefore more environment friendly. Taurus LSA and Taurus Electro are both extremely high-performing LSAs.

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