India seems to aim higher and think bigger in terms of its solar energy: from a set goal of 20 GW, the National Solar Mission grew its prospects to 33.4 GW all around the country, according to a report by Bridge to India.

The first step is to have 14.15 GW by 2018. By then, solar energy will have its own respected place on the national grid and more progress will have been made regarding the emissions level.

This will be possible due to the increased production of PV cells and the possibility of cheap imports from China. The final cost is estimated at around 40% less than what it is now.

Still, according to the report, this is all wishful thinking unless the government steps in to support small and off-grid power applications.

You couldn’t really blame India, considering its efforts as a developing country and the fact that as much as 40% of the population doesn’t have access to current electricity.

Anyway, India’s goals are impressive if you stop to think about China, which is the global leader in energy consumption and plans to benefit from 50 GW by 2020.

Likewise, Europe is giving its best to reach 100 GW of solar energy through its Desertec Project. Let’s give India a thumbs up for its perseverance, at least for the fact that how well it does affects us as well.


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