People understand the importance of energy conservation and therefore are gradually opting for methods in which natural and renewable resources of energy are implied for generating power. Everything inside our homes, from your cooking appliances to A/V devices to lighting fixtures, is going green these days. Have you ever considered the idea of having a green roof for your home? There are a numerous methods that can be implied on the roofs of the homes to make them green, which will not only help cut down on the electricity bills but will also make your home an eco-friendly and an eye-pleasing appearance. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting green options for your rooftop after the jump.

1. Residential Rooftop Wind Turbines

This is indeed a clean and green method to produce electricity for household use. A residential rooftop wind turbine generates electricity by making use of wind power. It can be easily installed on the roof top of a private residence or on a nearby treetop. The flow of wind over these areas is relatively unobstructed. Since, personal wind turbines produce efficient electricity by making use of wind power, a renewable resource, the expenses on grid-based electricity will reduce to a considerable amount and it will also help the environment by reducing the emanations of pollution causing gases from fossil fuel combustion. While opting for residential rooftop wind turbine, one must take care of a few things, which includes the design, energy requirements and the costs involved.

2. Recycled Rubber Roofs:

Made by using recycled tires of dumped trucks and cars, the recycled rubber roof shingles are not only environment friendly but also cost effective. These roof shingles provide with a good substitute to usual roof shingle types. The rubber shingles are formed of recycled vehicle tires, plastic bags and some other recycled stuff including sawdust or slate dust. These shingles are durable cheap and considerably lighter than standard roofing materials. They can resist fire and confront high speed winds. The recycled rubber shingles give a historic and classy look to your house. The recycled material used in shaping up the rubber shingles makes them more reliable and sustainable roofing product.

3. The Living Roof

The living roof consists of a soil layer that is actually a soil substitute helping the plants to grow. These roofs increase the aesthetics of your home, add to its insulation, hence cutting out external heat and sound and also provide you with edible fruits and vegetables if you grow some. These green roofs render an attractive outdoor environment, thus sustaining local wildlife and also withdraw water and air pollutants. However, before acquiring a living roof one must consider the base of the building that should be strong enough to accommodate the weight of the roof. The living roof not only benefits the environment, but also keeps the dweller healthy.

4. Rooftop Solar Panels Double as Cooling Agents

According to a recent research published in Solar Energy, the temperature of the ceilings under the solar panels installed on rooftops is comparatively lower to that of open roofs facing the sun directly. And during the night the converse happens, i.e. the roof temperature is warmer in case of PV installed roofs. The insulating properties of PV systems were the reason for this advantage. The green electricity provided by the solar PV systems on the roof top was one of the main reasons for preferring this accessory to the house roof. The cooling potential of these systems can be added to other advantages of choosing this auxiliary for the rooftops.

5. Milk jug roof

Milk jug roof is the name often used for recycled plastic shingles. These shingles resemble the wooden or slate shingles, but are made of recycled plastic bags, milk jugs, plastic bottles and other plastic objects. The product is durable, strong and inexpensive. It also gives your home a different look. The shingles made out of recycled plastics are resistant to insects, bacteria and moisture. The material can be molded to any shape and needs zero maintenance.

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