Seatropolis A self sustaining sea community powered by renewable energy systems

Yes, it may look like some giant extraterrestrial pods harvesting our sea resources; but in reality this is what designer Andrew Bowen conceptualized as a mega refuge for a dystopian future. In this future, cityscapes would be covered with floods due to long term effect of global warming on melting ice caps. Mass migration to sea based communities would be the only possible way to continue with human civilization, and this is where the self sustaining Seatropolis comes into the picture.

The overall organic form will be partly submerged in the middle of the high seas. Coming to accessibility, entrances can be reached through two circular openings (at the ends) along the horizontal axis, above the water level. Bulbous shaped skylights along the irregular roof will induct natural sunlight inside the spatially evolved space. Along the water surface there will an in-built pond that would be correlated to a fish farm (a conspicuously bulbous element with perforations below the sea level), and it can be utilized as a self sustaining facility for acquirement of food. Other food producing facilities will include hydroponics, and water desalination systems of clean water supply.

Coming to clean renewable energy production facilities, the Seatropolis will incorporate deep aqua-thermal energy generating mechanisms, photovoltaic glass, and wave energy systems. They will cater to living spaces, scattered along the side lines of the organic space. And, finally as a transportation criteria, the whole ‘city’ will use the flow of ocean current drifts to literally move from one location to another. This would help in better resource gathering and management, justifiably contributing to a greater degree of sustainability.

Source: ecofriend

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