Five eco friendly wearable chargers for those mostly on the move

What could be more annoying than your gadgets running out of juice while you are on the road? As the technology has brought forward a plethora of gadgets, our lifestyle has changed drastically and we completely rely on these devices for almost everything. These devices require a lot of energy in the form of electricity to keep them working. In order to make sure that you beloved gadgets never run out of battery on the go, wearable chargers seem to be a great option. Since, the chances are rare that you will find an electrical socket at every place you go, you might love to consider the idea of having an eco-friendly wearable charger for your electronics. Hit the jump to see some of the most amazing and stylish green wearable chargers, from solar panel vests to sound absorbing T-shirts, which will provide juice for your gadgetry the very moment you need it the most.