Luxury MIG 675 Yacht Harvests Energy from the Water it Floats on

Quimperié’s Luxury MIG 675 is a hydrogen-powered boat that grabs energy directly from the water beneath it as it zips across the waves. The high-tech 22-foot-long boat has seats for three and it tops out at 70 mph. It’s quite the zippy, zero-emissions ride, and it has a price tag to match – it retails for $329,727. We’re still not quite sure how the technology in this speed demon works, Quimperié isn’t letting out much information about the engine inside the boat but it sure looks fast. Check out video proof of the boat’s speed after the jump!


As we know it

The emergence of the super-yachts began in the beginning of the twentieth century, when many private owned yachts became a growing rage with the super rich. This opulence naturally became an interest for the press to highlight its popularity. These super-yachts began to appear in magazines which again highlighted the industry boom of these yachts. In the present day, there has been a massive growth in the popularity, size and growth of these luxury yachts. Some of these are operated as charter yachts for businesses and some are available for part time charter but privately owned.


Vismara V50 Hybrid yacht aims to reduce emissions on water

Vismara Marine has earned a name for itself in the marine industry for producing boats high-end boats that are also lightweight. This time, Vismara has taken one step ahead with the launch of V50.02 Hybrid – a sailboat all set to make its mark as one of the world’s most sophisticated eco-friendly yacht.