Batteries as you know them may become a thing of the past for your Apple products as the company hopes to use hydrogen cells to produce lighter batteries that could last for weeks.

The company is staying on the cutting edge as they have recently submitted applications for patents to create new energy sources for their products.

The filings that the company submitted seem to have rather bold promises of allowing electronics to run for days or weeks without having to be recharged.



Apple Files Patent for MacBooks Powered by Fuel Cells

If you’ve ever owned a laptop or a netbook, you know that their batteries come with a finite lifespan. But what about a longer lasting alternative to powering up your computer? Fuel cells, namely hydrogen fuel cells, not only boast a longer useful life, but they are also capable of running for weeks without requiring a recharge. Not surprisingly, it is reported that Apple is looking into using this technology, recently filing two patents incorporating the cells.