Ford Focus Electric owners can now charge up their vehicles without leaving their homes! In a partnership with Leviton and Best Buy, consumers will be able to purchase their own in-home charging stations for personal use. The cool and compact charging station was recently introduced at Ford’s booth at CES 2011.

The tiny charging station is about the size of a backpack, and currently runs for about $1,500 at Best Buy. Easy to install, each station comes with the assistance of Best Buy’s Geek Squad, who provides service from sale to installation. The 240-volt system should not interfere with typical home electric wiring, but if so, the Geek Squad will work out any issues, in addition to any servicing and repairs required. Small and sleek, the system hooks into an outlet instead of having to be hard-wired into a circuit breaker. The bright blue and white unit attaches to the vehicle via a simple cord and small plug.

Linked in with the car’s 6.6 kilowatt charger, Ford Focus Electric owners can fully charge their vehicles at home in three to four hours — this is half the charge time of their competitor the Nissan Leaf. Charging at home also saves consumers cash, avoiding the issue of over-charging at public commercial charging stations.

Source: inhabitat