ABB to Launch Worldwide EV Charging Network by 2017

by Mihai Sandru

Someone has finally taken the issue of recharging electric vehicles into their hands! I’m talking about industrial robotics supplier ABB, who plans to set in place a massive 3-continent network of charging stations.


State of the Internet report - Asia still fastest, new source of attack traffic emerges

Akamai might not be a household name but between 15 to 30 percent of the world’s Web traffic is carried on the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company’s internet platform at any given time. Using data gathered by software constantly monitoring internet conditions via the company’s nearly 100,000 servers deployed in 72 countries and spanning most of the networks within the internet, Akamai creates its quarterly State of the internet report. The report provides some interesting facts and figures, such as regions with the slowest and fastest connection speeds, broadband adoption rates and the origins of attack traffic.