Intel, Kohl's, Walmart Top List of US Green Power Purchasers

Every year the EPA releases its list of top green power purchasers in the business world. We’ve dutifully reported on them for a while now on that annual schedule, but as it so happens these stats are updated on a quarterly basis. Relaying that info that frequently probably isn’t necessary, but the latest quarterly stats, just announced, do have some changes that are particularly notable.

As GreenBiz reminds us, as of three months ago, Walmart was in 15th place for green power purchases, but in the last calculations, the mega-retailer has moved up to third, with 28% of its overall power coming from renewable sources.

872,382,088 kilowatt-hours of Walmart’s electricity, in its facilities in Texas and California, now comes from either biogas, wind power, or solar power.

The great majority of this comes from green power purchases, but 4% now comes from on-site generated renewable power, placing it in second place in the US for overall on-site generation, behind Kohl’s. Last quarter Walmart was in fourth place in the EPA rankings, with 1% of its power generated on-site.

Note: All of that is still a long way from Walmart’s stated pledge of becoming 100% powered by renewables.

The top-10 latest EPA green power purchasers by the latest calculations (company, percentage of overall power, amount of green power used annually):

  1. Intel Corp (88%; 2,502,052,000 kWh)
  2. Kohl’s Department Stores (100%; 1,524,656,000 kWh)
  3. Walmart Stores/California and Texas Facilities (28%; 872,382,088 kWh)
  4. Whole Foods Market (106%; 800,257,623 kWh)
  5. Johnson & Johnson (52%; 553,565,521 kWh);
  6. City of Houston, TX (35%; 438,000,000)
  7. Starbucks (52%; 421,921,000 kWh)
  8. City of Austin, TX (100%; 406,000,000 kWh)
  9. Staples (52%; 341,509,408 kWh)
  10. Hilton (94%; 315,000,000 kWh)


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