From taking high-polluting nations to task for climate change to setting up a Mongolia-sized sanctuary for marine mammals, the tiny island nation of Palau, located roughly 500 miles east of the Philippines, has long been punching above its weight when it comes to environmental issues.

It’s latest venture is sending a clear message to the world—working with solar panel manufacturer Kyocera, Palau International Airport has just installed the nation’s largest solar array. Sure, its size (226.8kW) is not huge compared to the multi-hundred megawatt solar projects we see appearing around the world with increasing frequency, but it is still an important step forward.

From showing how existing land space can be utilized for clean energy (the panels sit atop of shade-structures in the airport car park), to demonstrating how the small island nations that are most threatened by climate change are stepping up and taking action, this is a very welcome step toward a truly Global clean energy future.

Now what if the Heathrows and JFKs of this world started taking similar steps to demonstrate their leadership?


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