Wouldn’t it be great if you could free yourself from the high costs of gas and oil by turning to an electric bike or electric scooter? It sure would, but how do you make their expensive batteries last for longer? That seems to be the most important aspect when it comes to the wide usage of this means of transportation.

If you’re worried about it, check out this article for some useful suggestions.

1) Pedaling

Some e-bike models give you the possibility to charge the battery by simply pedaling and thus sending the generated power back to the batteries. It sounds feasible, but think about when you have to climb a hill, for example, since the weight of the bike and of the generator itself might pose some problems.

2) Coasting

This is the method that seems the most enjoyable, since you don’t have to do anything but sit on your bike while it slides down the hill; but look out! This implies the fact that you’ve already broken a sweat by ascending it in the first place. The amount of energy produced while coasting obviously relies on how long is the way down and how much effort you put into it.

3) Regenerative braking

This is a very good way of feeding energy to your batteries and it was first tested on electric cars. It involves the riding of your brakes, but as one doesn’t do that very often, the energy output in this case is rather small.

4) Motor Generating

As the name suggests it, the method is based upon the running of the motor. Not much information can be traced back on this subject, because it hasn’t passed the developmental stage yet, but the odds do look promising.

All in all, the whole idea of consuming as much as you’re riding can have good side effects in psychological and physical terms, because it makes you more independent, more responsible towards the environment and, why not, fitter!


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