Germany Uses More Renewable Energy Than Ever Before, Surpassing Nuclear

Among the world’s most developed countries, Germany seems to be on the right track concerning renewable energy production. The country’s renewable resources have been used more than the classic ones this year, reports BDEW, Germany’s Federal Association of Energy.

Therefore, nuclear power dropped to 17.4 percent after Chancellor Angela Merkel had decided to show down the oldest eight reactors, as a reaction to the disaster at Fukushima, Japan. Plans are that by 2022 they’ll have phased out all of the nuclear power plants today in function.

Renewables make up 20 percent of the energy mix from Germany right now, almost 4 percent more from last year’s 16.4 percent, only surpassed closely by lignite, with 24.6 percent.

This can only mean that, unlike the U.S., which is struggling to face fierce competition from China in the field of solar panels, Germany’s clean energy subsidization really works and will probably raise the stake next year. The country’s recent investments in wind farms and biomass will surely add more clean juice to this.


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