Skydrain promotes safe and social energy collection

The Skydrain is an energy collection product that is focused on providing clean renewable energy to the existing sprawl condition and other urban sites.

Energy collection has been a major topic for quite sometime, but during the past decade the idea of using renewable energy resources has began to play a major role in the energy collection discussion. The “green movement” has taken off quite rapidly, and tends to have the biggest impact when gas prices increase. However, we as a society are still wasteful in terms of energy, and our dependence on oil is still very strong. The question of how to lessen our use of oil is not just solved by driving electric cars and installing solar panels, but rather by changing people’s perceptions on how energy is collected and how energy works. The Skydrain takes this issue on directly. It is designed to engage the public on a level that no other “green product” has done before.

Energy collection does not have to be a dirty business, such as the major oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The design of the Skydrain shows that energy collection can be attractive, safe, and social. When people think of how energy is collected now, they often think of a far off oil platform or energy plant where no one is allowed to go. The Skydrain makes energy collection “social” and available for the public to engage and interact with. Slowing changing how we as a society collect and use energy. This is best seen in what I have called the “Energy Collection Park,” a place where people can enjoy everything a normal park or urban space has to offer, but also be a space that collects energy and water for the city.

The most notable feature of the Skydrain is its ability to collect water and three different types of energy. The idea of combining all of these energy collection methods came from the idea that the way we collect renewable energy has to continue to evolve. Solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro energy are all great on their own, but to meet the energy demands of the future these methods will have to begin to work together and enhance the way we collect energy.

Though the Skydrain is only being show in the city of Phoenix, it is also able to be used in many other regions across the world. Places like Haiti, Africa, and India are all suitable candidates for using the Skydrain as a new way to provide energy for their culture. With vast increases in population comes high demands in energy, and the Skydrain is designed to help with providing energy to the urban areas where it is needed most, transforming the way people view energy collection.

Via: cargocollective

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