3D Solar Panels from MIT

I’ve covered some of the groundbreaking work of MIT’s Jeffrey Grossman in the past (in particular, a thermo-chemical approach to solar power and energy storage). But I don’t think we’ve covered this yet — Grossman and some students of his at MIT are working on 3D solar structures that can create almost as much electricity on a cloudy day as on a sunny day. Here’s more from ABC’s “This Could Be BIG” (yes, I’m a little jealous that this guy has a camera crew and production team to follow him around and talk to such cleantech researchers, but at least they are doing it!):
Grossman and his team aren’t the only ones working on 3D solar. In fact, a company called 3DSolar has actually been formed with the goal of making 3D solar cells a hot consumer option.Source: Clean Technica

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