A massive new renewable energy project is being planned in Morocco that will combine hydropower and wind power in one single location — a world’s first, at least at this scale. The 1 gigawatt project will double the existing hydropower capacity of Morocco.

Green Prophet reports:

The total cost of the hybrid wind and hydropower project will be $2.16 billion. As well as the African Development Bank [which is investing $329 million in the project], other investors are expected to want in on such a revolutionary idea, in a nation that has moved to the forefront in renewable development. As well as making the $329 million investment using its own money, the African Development Bank will also earmark an additional $150 million for the project from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) which it helps to finance with other lenders.

Morocco has quite admirable renewable energy goals: 10% of electricity by next year, and 42% of electricity from solar power by 2020.

Another project furthering that: The first planned 500 MW portion of the Desertec solar power in the Sahara project is slated to begin construction in 2012.


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