There are an increasing number of electric vehicles being designed for tight urban areas, but this one is unique. Juha-Pekka Rautio’s Citroen CCrab concept has independently turning wheels that allow it to sidle out of a traffic jam or parking space sideways just like the small Cuba Crab. Rautio designed the three-seater CCrab as part of a program run by Citroen in which designers worked closely with the automaker to create a new design language for electric vehicles, receive feedback on their designs and even have prototypes wind tunnel tested.

The idea with the CCrab was to create a vehicle that dribbled through traffic like a soccer player. No explanation here on how the independently turned wheels would be controlled, but the concept is worth some exploration. We have seen everything from buttons to reins to accomplish similar purposes in the past. The CCrab is still a concept, but Citroen is taking notes from these designs to create new kinds of vehicles that break away from traditional ways of creating cars, so you may just see something like this on a production car at some point in the future.

Source: inhabitat

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