Bavaria to Swap Nuclear for Fossil EnergyNuclear

Going from sixty-to-zero on nuclear will require significant new fossil generation in the German state. Bavaria is expected to trade out their significant nuclear electricity portfolio for fossil generation in the coming decade, according to new analysis from Der Spiegel. While the contribution of non-hydro renewables is anticipated to increase from 10 to 36 percent of generating capacity, the largest increase comes from natural gas, which will increase its portfolio share from 10 to 46 percent, far more than any other single fuel. Spurred by recent fears following the Fukushima crisis in Japan, Bavaria is just the latest to abandon its nuclear investments in favor of fossil fuels, trading unlikely radiation risks for certain emissions and pollution increases from natural gas combustion.

Germany’s decision to shutter its nuclear capacity will result in increased carbon emissions and imported power, as we documented in our analysis earlier this year. In September, Spiegel noted that Germany would swapping out domestic nuclear for imported nuclear from France, the Czech Republic, and other neighboring states, in addition to the imported and domestic coal brought online.

Source: thebreakthrough

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