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The importance of renewable energy and other green energy have been increasing day by day and we get to see new technologies been developing each day. The most popular energy which is being talked everywhere is the green energy which has become so popular that every person wants to try their hands on it and there is no sign for its stopping. The trend these days is the development of clean energy using the human power. Human power is considered to be the ultimate power that can be used to do all sorts of jobs. This clean energy that is being developed using human power is quite popular and is being used worldwide. This idea was first given and started by a novelist named Frank Herbert who used the human power to harness the energy. There are various techniques available these days to do this sort of conversion. Here we are with a list of seven devices and technologies that harness human power for clean energy.

1. Backpack Generator Harnesses Power of Walking

This is a unique and cool concept of converting the human mechanical power into clean energy. This idea was designed by Lawrence Rome and his colleagues who actually made this cool Backpack which is capable of converting the human power into energy. This compact backpack is capable of converting the mechanical power used while walking into power energy. It can produce more than 7 watts of usable power in a small walk able distance. For sure this idea is one of the best and easiest way of producing clean and green energy.

2. Nanogenerator Harvests Mechanical Energy

This nano device named Nanogenerator works similarly to an ordinary generator and converts mechanical energy into power. The shape of the Nanogenerator is rectangular and is so compact that you won’t even feel as if you are carrying anything. This compact device is capable of producing a steady flow of energy by using the basic mechanical energy of the human body. It can use ultrasonic waves to generate considerable amount of energy and also can use various sources like mechanical movement of human body including the blood flow inside the body.

3. Vibration Energy Scavenging by Tiny Generator

This compact circuit is what defines creativity and a perfect use of mechanical power. Made with cool looks and ultra slim and small sized components, this device is what can be effectively used to generate steady amount of energy. Measuring even less than a cubic centimeter, this device is capable of converting the vibration energy of human body into electrical energy. We have a plenty of vibrating organs in out body which can be effectively used to generate considerable amount of power.

4. Flexible Integrated Energy Device (FIED) – Wearable Rechargers

Now here is something that will drive you crazy by its cool looks and effective concept. This clean energy based suit is what every person out there would love to keep. This looks like an ordinary suit but is incorporated with elements and devices that are capable of converting the mechanical energy of human body into power. This is one of the simplest and effective ways and all you have to do is just wear it and move around enjoying your life. This will do its part of job quite easily without even letting you know.

5. Breath Powered USB Charger (And Stillsuit)

Breathing is one of the most important operation our body does every second and what could be better is this breathing operation of human beings is converted into electrical energy without any hassle. This compact device does that pretty comfortable and uses your breath operation as a source of producing electrical energy. It is provided with a USB cable that simultaneously allows you to charge up your device using your breathe process.

6. Biomechanical Energy Harvester is the Bee’s Knees

The clean energy has so many sources to be used and this one is one the most effective and simplest one. This is actually a Knee cap which can be placed on your knees quite easily. Every time you walk or run wearing them, it uses the mechanical energy of your during the walking process and converts it into considerable amount of energy. It’s like you can do your daily job and side by side keep producing clean energy which can be utilized in various daily operations.

7. Piezoelectric Zinc Oxide Nanowire Fashions for Spring

We all knew about the piezoelectric devices which are capable of producing high amount of power just by doing small operations on it. This piezoelectric material made using Zinc oxide has become a trend in the fashion and is being incorporated into shirts and the clothes we wear these days. This cool way has resulted into a new fashion statement and also is being used on a large scale. All you have to do is move around wearing these cool fashionable piezoelectric incorporated shirts and you will be able to generate electricity by making use of human mechanical power.

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