In an effort to boost charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on the West Coast, the Oregon Department of Transportation has partnered with AeroVironment to install a numerous (yet undisclosed) amount of 480-volt Level 3 chargers between the California/Oregon state border and the Willamette Valley. “Fast charging stations along high-traffic transportation corridors will help make driving electric vehicles between communities a viable option for Oregonians,” Oregon Department of Transportation Director Art James said in a statement. The project aims to eventually reach across the entire I-5 corridor with EV chargers from Southern California to Northern Washington. AeroVironment has already collaborated with major players in the EV industry, such as NRG Energy for its eVgo Network, Nissan for its LEAF debut in the U.S., BMW for its ActiveE project and General Motors for the 1980’s EV1 project. CNET reports that drivers should look out for charging stations in So. Oregon as soon as fall 2011. The project is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


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