Renewable Energy Will Power NFL Stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles will add solar panels and wind turbines at their home stadium, saying Thursday it will be the world’s first stadium with self-generating renewable energy.

The American football club’s joint venture with Solar Blue, a Florida firm that will invest 30 million dollars in the project over the next year, will also include a duel-fuel co-generation plant at Lincoln Financial Field.

“The Philadelphia Eagles are proud to take this vital step towards energy independence from fossil fuels,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said.

“It underscores our strong belief that environmentally sensitive policies are consistent with sound business practices.”

The plan, scheduled to be finished in time for next September’s start of the 2011 National Football League season, will see 80 spiral-shaped wind turbines attached atop the stadium and 2,500 solar panels installed.

Natural gas and bio-diesel fuel will power the co-generation plant.

“With this ground-breaking initiative, the Eagles are taking another significant step forward in their commitment to environmental responsibility,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.

“The NFL is proud to support the Eagles as they set the right example for all of sports.”

Source: Discovery

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