Electricity Generation from Cars Speeding on Highways Possible

Tapping electricity from cars speeding on a magnetic highway is a fantastic idea. Already, highways are used to generate kinetic energy, but designer Fang-Chun Tsai has an electrifying idea for us: he suggests using the kinetic energy from speeding cars on magnetic highways to change a magnetic field to generate electricity.


According to Fang-Chun Tsai, it is very easy to install the system in the existing cars, and it could open a highway towards a self-sufficient energy grid.

The Magneter system would see cars fitted with a magnetic device on the underside of the chassis. As the vehicle speeds across the roads, it would charge an electricity-generating device that would be installed on the road.

The system does not require a generator and would generate electricity for whatever systems needed it. The system can be used on rail and subway lines also.


The concept would also work hand-in-hand with a Smart Grid. The system allows energy to be stored and diverted to areas when it is needed during peak power times.

The most enticing aspect about this system is that it looks like the installation of a magnetic device would be comparatively simple. A quick job in the garage is all that would be necessary to outfit most cars with one. The relatively difficult job would be the work needed to install these magnetic strips on the nation’s highways.

Source: greenpacks

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