Top 10 Clean Energy Initiatives in NYC

As the drive for eco friendly transportation modes is gathering momentum, many new and innovative ideas are surfacing everyday with the promise of a greener future. River or water transportation is one such area where newer eco friendly ideas are taking shape almost on a daily basis. Old gas guzzling boats are being replaced by newer boats powered by renewable energy sources. Here I am going to tell you about 10 such boats which are powered by solar energy and have the potential of changing the face of water transport in the future.

1. The SunCat23 Catamaran
Developed by a Taiwanese company named Horizon Yachts, the SunCat23 Catamaran uses solar energy to fulfill its energy needs. The solar panels fitted on top of the boat are capable of generating 760 watts of energy which, in turn, powers a 2.8 kW electric motor. This gives the SunCat23 a top speed of 6 knots and the ability to carry 12 passengers onboard.

2. Solar Proa Catamaran
The Solar Proa catamaran uses energy from the ray of sun to power itself. The boat has been designed by a team of designers which includes the likes of Carolin Dissmann, Daniel Boos, Andreas Schwab, and Tibor Bartholoma. Solar PV panels cover the top, front and the rear of the boat. The boat is capable of taking six people for a peaceful ride on the river.

3. ARK Solar Boat
The design of the ARK solar boat has been conceived by Janne Leppanen. The boat has a huge open surface much like a basketball court. The entire surface of the boat has been fitted with multilayered solar panels which drives the electric motor of the boat. The hull of the boat has been made from reinforced plastic fiber that makes the boat light and strong at the same time.

4. Solar Yacht by Novague Studio
The Solar powered yacht concept by Novague Studio is unique in the sense that the solar panels fitted on the boat spread out on both sides like the wings of a plane. The panels transform sun’s rays into electricity that powers the electric motor that the boat runs on.

5. Poseidon Solar Yacht
Designed by Demetrius Tanase, the Poseidon solar yacht concept combines comfort and eco-consciousness in the most perfect manner. The Poseidon is a 12 meter long boat that uses solar energy to fulfill its electricity needs. The solar panels that transforms sun’s rays into usable electricity has been fitted on the sails of the boat. The designer of the boat has used extremely thin solar films so that they can be fitted on the sails. The design of the yacht has been done in a manner that would reduce drag and increase energy efficiency.

6. Volitan Solar and wind powered boat
The Volitan boat concept harnesses both solar and wind energy to fulfill its energy needs. That is why, the boat has been fitted with solid sails and double-layered solar panels. The body of the boat has been made from carbon fiber composites and epoxy resin which makes the boat incredibly light and stiff. The solar panels on the Volitan have been fitted on two wings which rise vertically from the top of the boat. Electricity generated by the solar panels is used to drive a pair of 222 HP electric motors.

7. Pedal-powered solar boat
The pedal-powered boat has been conceived by Jonathan Mahieddine. The primary energy that the boat is powered by comes from the people taking a ride in it. It is a pedal boat. But whenever the occupants get tired of peddling, there is a battery pack fitted on the boat which takes over the job of powering it. To provide electricity to the battery, the boat has been equipped with solar panels that are fitted on top of a pole that rises from the middle of the boat.

8. Mercury Marine’s Hybrid Boat
The hybrid boat concept from Mercury Marine uses both solar energy and fossil fuel to meet its energy requirements. Equipped with a pair of QSC 550 HP diesel engine and a lithium-ion battery pack, this ‘green’ boat concept does show some potential as far as the future boat market is concerned. The lithium-ion battery pack gets electricity from the solar panels fitted on top of the boat.

9. Loon solar powered boat
The design team of one of the most successful green cars in the world, the Aptera, has now conceived a boat which uses solar energy to power itself. They call it the Loon. The boat comes fitted with a solar panel that is capable of generating 1000 watts of clean energy from the rays of the sun. That energy is used to power an all electric motor that gives the Loon a top speed of 7 knots and a range of almost 35 miles.

10. The Leviathan
The Leviathan green yacht concept uses both the sun and the wind to give its occupants a green ride. The concept has been created by industrial designer Adam Valmassoi who believes the future of transportation lies in using green energy. The boat runs on a pair of electric jet pump engines which gets its energy from the solar panels and the wind turbines fitted on the boat.

Source: solarfeeds

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