Cristal Station A solar powered parking area for Cristal EVs

The station is one of the components of urban public transport system independent or semi-collective Cristal. This site built within the urban space allows the provision, the distribution, the parking and recharging energy vehicles. Users can make their reservation with the terminal or if they have pre-booked by phone (for example), go directly to the vehicle which has been designated by the system operator.

The station is designed as a soft transition zone between the car traffic zone and the pedestrian zone. It can be coupled to a bus stop and facilitate intermodal transfers. Item representative of a soft mode of public transportation, the station stands in the urban landscape with its natural green space and inviting contours.
On the way to a beach where the sand would be replaced by turf, the ground floor flows from the sidewalk to the roadway. The docks allow access to simple and precise positioning of each vehicle at the curb and over the plate induction charging. Umbrellas made of photovoltaic cells are involved in the recharge of clean energy vehicle The project Cristal is developed by LOHR Industrie and partners GEA, INRIA, Transitec and VuLog.

Source: behance

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