Star Trac Spinner NXT helps you generate electricity by pedaling

Have you ever thought that the pedaling which you do at fitness centers can generate electricity? Read along to find out how you can attain environmental nirvana by just pedaling your spin bike. A company named Green Revolution has manufactured a device called Star Trac Spinner NXT, which can convert human energy into electricity. The cycle is similar to the cycles which we see at fitness centers. These eco friendly cycles, which come fitted with generators, are installed in 75 centers across the US.

The generators fitted in these cycles convert human energy into electricity. Mike Curnyn, chief strategy and marketing officer at Green Revolution, said that the cycles will hit European markets later this year. The mechanism of the spin bike is quite simple. A small black box is fitted around the flywheel of the one of a kind bike and this box is connected to a small control panel. The user can see how much power s/he has produced by checking the digital screen fitted on top of the control panel.

I would love the opportunity to use this retrofitted bike and produce some power by pedaling this unique machine. The generator of the bike is connected to a cable, which is connected to a black cabinet. The cabinet converts the DC electricity generated through pedaling into AC electricity.

There is no denying the fact that this spin bike is worth using, and, according to Boston-based International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, the use of this bike will increase in future. The manufacturers of the spin bike should keep in mind a very important factor. They should make sure that the machines should not be costly because the energy generated by it is not very high. Green Revolution has invested $200 to $300 per bike, which is affordable. The companies, however, can come up with models which will be cheaper than Green Revolution’s machines.

Source: ecofriend

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