Blaze up your nights with portable solar lamp

This portable solar lamp has a nice retro look. The good folks at California-based, Sunnyside Up Solar, advise consumers to place this light “where the sun DO shine during the day and use it conscience free at night”. The lamp is called the “Signature SUS Bulb” because of the subtle ‘SUS’ at the center of the graphic on the lamp’s face. The back of the graphic is silkscreened white so that the bulb is a bit brighter than the rest of the lamp.

A one day charge can provide 5-7 hours of light which you can set to come on automatically when the sun goes down, or whenever you need it. The portable design also allows you to take it on moonlit walks, late night raids on the fridge, or weekend camping trips.

Eco features:  2 energy efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs, 1 switch with 3 settings and 2 rechargeable AA batteries. The lamp is made with “Grade AA” materials that insure it will last a long time. Dimensions: 5.5″ long by 4.25″ high

Source: alternativeconsumer

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