Dubai officials to replace conventional public toilets with solar powered ones

After their tryst with blatantly ambitiously sustainable projects, such as the Masdar City and Al-Raha green city, Dubai officials are now looking forth to scale down their focus on more public-oriented services. The general maintenance department of Dubai has envisioned a conscientious plan of installing solar powered toilets all over the grand city. According to them, it will have a two pronged beneficial effect of firstly increasing environmental awareness and, secondly, save the tax payer’s money on utilities in the long run.

The preliminary step of the grand plan calls for installation of solar powered roofing systems in selected experimental projects, like near the Clock Tower roundabout in Deira. The resultant solar power generated will be used to run toilet appliances, such as fluorescent lights, exhaust fans and small water pumps. The overall system will cost up to an estimated Dh80,000, but the enhanced efficiency of ‘clean and green’ solar power can prove to be cost effective in the long run. The officials already estimate the return of investment by the end of two years.

Moreover, the initiative has been primarily envisaged as a pilot project in itself. It will have the potential to influence collective introduction of green measures in other public proposals and emirate municipalities. According to Juma Khalifa Al Fuqae, director of general maintenance department, the extended use of solar powered mechanisms will be used in various capacities, starting from swimming pools to even abattoirs. So, the holistic approach of introducing low emission technology in the expansive field of public utilities can only contribute to a cleaner, better and sustainable future for tomorrow.

Source: ecofriend

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