Vismara V50 Hybrid yacht aims to reduce emissions on water

Vismara Marine has earned a name for itself in the marine industry for producing boats high-end boats that are also lightweight. This time, Vismara has taken one step ahead with the launch of V50.02 Hybrid – a sailboat all set to make its mark as one of the world’s most sophisticated eco-friendly yacht.

Right at the conception phase, the boat was conscientiously built for making it an entirely green boat. The bottom of the boat is equipped with double bottom tanks, which percolate and then re-percolate emissions so that any kind of pollutants may not end up in the sea. Besides, the boat uses filter systems for separating black and gray waters. In accordance with the anti-deforestation policies, the boat has only ecologically compatible refrigerants, LED lighting which helps in saving electricity and other ecologically safe materials.

The boat is equipped with a diesel-electric hybrid engine which makes it possible for the boat to navigate on electricity. The propulsion of the boat is based on lithium batteries and a regeneration system. The boat has been designed with weight and hydrodynamic efficiency, in tandem with the “clean sea, clean air” motto of the company.The technically complex yet user-friendly boat is 16.3 meters long and 4.2 meters wide and will be revealed next month in Italy.

Source: ecofriend

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