Google+ is the newest social network on the block, and it’s gaining a lot of momentum. But it’s very much an unknown quantity for a lot of people, as many of its features are still being explored.

If you’re just figuring out Google+, this infographic depicting the features that it shares with Twitter and Facebook should help. The Tweetsmarter blog found this gem of an infographic on a post from Hutch Carpenter on Quora.

So how is Google+ like Twitter?

Well, for one, they both offer one-way following, unlike Facebook, which offers only two-way. This means that Google+, like Twitter, can enable extremely large networks of overlapping friends and followers.

Within Google+ you can re-share content, which is similar to Twitter’s retweet. However, with Google+ users can also comment on threads, give +1 votes to posts and +1 votes to comments – you can’t do any of these things on Twitter (except maybe favoriting a tweet which is similar to giving it a +1 vote on Google+).

Check out the chart below for a great, succinct visualization of how Google+ is both similar and different to Twitter and Facebook.

Source: mediabistro

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