We have seen automobiles, buildings, and even gadgets powered by renewable energy systems, but now it is the turn of cell phone towers to be inducted into the broader scope of sustainability. Japan’s largest mobile phone operator, NTT DoCoMo, has unveiled their plan of utilizing “green” energy sources like solar, wind, and even biomass, for provision of clean power for their expansive cellphone tower network.


The grand plan envisaged by the company entails the building of 10 separate renewable power facilities by the end of next year. The combined output of these facilities would help to supply around a whopping 90,000 cellphone relay stations. Now, beyond the use of low-carbon technology, the green plan can also have significant implications in the future. As the whole power system would be independent of the conventional electrical grid, power can be supplied uninterruptedly during widespread blackouts. Also, Japan being situated in the danger zone of seismic turbulence, the possibility of natural calamities affecting the national grid is high. In these emergency cases, the tower facilities (as anti-quake measure) can operate due to their non-reliance on the main power line. Moreover, as the last conscientious measure, the company is planning on transmitting the excess power generated, back into the national grid

Source: ecofriend

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