Stunning Solar-Powered Luce Laptop is Light as Air

Amidst the countless attempts to make solar power sexy, Andrea Ponti‘s Luce Laptop might just be the first computer to hit the mark. This polycarbonate-bound laptop features a light-as-air form factor that includes two photovoltaic panels that span the computer’s cover and keyboard. The elegant design allows sunlight to shine straight through the case to the panels embedded within, generating electricity for on-the-go computing.


Andrea Ponti‘s seamless integration of solar power into a laptop is what initially caught our eye – the majority of solar chargers out there are clunky third-party devices that require wires and bulky batteries. By contrast, the Luce laptop features an elegant integrated design that showcases the photovoltaic panels as an aesthetic and functional selling point.

As electricity prices continue to climb and solar technology steadily advances, we’d love to see a manufacturer take on this design and make it available to the public. Since laptops are portable by nature, it only makes sense for them to take advantage of one of the world’s most readily available sources of energy – the sun.


Source: inhabitat




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