Top 7 Green Gadgets To Debut at This Week’s 2012 CES

The year is sure starting off with a bang, bringing with it a whole slew of new green tech to be unveiled at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While past years have been a little thin when it comes to eco-friendly tech, this year’s show promises to be packed with innovative green gadgets. After a little bit of sleuthing, we’ve managed to get a sneak peek of some of the coolest designs set to make a statement this week in Sin City. From a solar sleeve to power and protect your Kindle to an incredible Eco ATM that gives you cold hard cash in exchange for recycling your unwanted electronics to a low-energy 22-inch HD USB-based monitor from AOC, hit the jump for 7 of our favorite picks — and be sure to keep checking back for more as we report on all the latest and greatest at CES 2012!

How to build a solar energy generator for less than $300

The sun is a great supplier! The solar energy from a single day can meet all the needs of the planet for a few months. The challenge, however, has been in capturing this tremendous energy in a usable form. Like many things great and grand, we can make a humble beginning in this endeavor too. It turns out that with a little patience and effort, we can generate usable solar energy at our own homes. Since this is a DIY, the end result will come at a very economical cost. Let us get to the tutorial right away.