First Solar-Powered Electric Car Charging Stations Open in Sofia, Bulgaria

This month, A1 Co., Ltd. and BIES Ltd. opened the first set of solar-powered electric car charging stations across Sofia, Bulgaria. Built as simple structures, each station simply uses solar panels to collect solar energy and a special module for electric cars to connect to the batteries. While the number of electric cars in Bulgaria are still very few, according to experts, a boom in the purchase of electric vehicles is expected this year — particularly due special incentives that will be given by the Bulgarian government.


Leaf-Shaped Lotus Electric Vehicle Charger Doubles as a Solar-Powered LED Streetlight!

Springing up from the ground like a large leaf, the Lotus is a solar-powered electric vehicle charger that doubles as an LED streetlight and a sheltered bench. Perfect for parks and parking areas alike, the Lotus features a 2.8 KW photovoltaic surface, built-in LED lights, and a waterproof Scame electrical outlet that can be used to charge an EV.



6 Months of Free Electricity Offered with Plugless Power Reservation

Evatran, which produces Plugless Power, a wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging system, opened its online reservation system last week and announced that it is offering a $150 rebate card for up to 6 months of free electricity to customers who use the system.

“The Preferred Customer Group will allow Evatran to understand its focus areas for product rollout and follows the recent news of the installation partnership with Sears Home Services(TM),” Evatran commented.

“The incentive is open to the first 500 Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt reservations, and joining the Preferred Customer Group by reserving a system requires no upfront financial commitment.” (more…)