Net-Zero-Energy Home Unveiled in Las Vegas


A number of energy-efficient homes and communities are currently in the process of being tested, but a Los Angeles-based company is going one small step farther. KB Home presented its first net-zero-energy home in an event in Las Vegas, and it’s not just experimental. The home, called the ZeroHouse 2.0, is available to consumers (in certain areas, including Vegas).

ZeroHouse 2.0 is the natural extension of KB Home’s standard building practices, which all comply with the EPA Energy Star Standards. The company claims that the ZeroHouse 2.0 can eliminate the electric bill altogether; in the ridiculously hot weather of Nevada, that’s quite a feat.



Frito-Lay and its parent company PepsiCo probably aren’t the first companies that come to mind when you think about green businesses, but with the unveiling of Frito-Lay’s new facility in Arizona, the company just took a big step towards bolstering its green cred. The Casa Grande plant is ‘near net zero,’ meaning that it will be mostly run on renewable energy sources, like solar power. Additionally, the facility will be water efficient, recycling and reusing most of its own water, and the plant will divert most of its waste from local landfills.