Marketers Misunderstand The Meaning Of Facebook Likes

Consumers and marketers have vastly different perceptions of and expectations about Facebook likes, which presents a problem for marketers who are slow to move, but an opportunity for those who pounce on it.

That’s based on a survey of more than 1,300 consumers and 132 senior marketers, conducted by Lithium and the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

The top three reasons why marketers believe consumers like their Facebook pages were:



We’re all learning about how best to use timelineright now, so it’s probably a good thing that brand pages haven’t migrated to this new layout yet.

While we do know that Facebook is working on upgrading brand pages, no dates have been given for anything new and it’s unknown what the changes will be. Most likely individual users’ experiences with timeline will dictate whether the social network will extend the format to pages.

Meanwhile, timeline profiles have other implications for brands on Facebook.



How To Get 41 More Likes On Your Facebook Posts

Even if you’re using the best marketing practices on Facebook, you can still take engagementand virality to the next level.

Best Practices

Let’s assume you’ve adopted some of the best practices of getting good results posting to your Facebook fans:

  • Understand your audience and what they care about;
  • Post content that doesn’t just say “me, me, me;”
  • Use calls to action (“click like if…”, asking questions, or simply saying “tell us in the comments section…”) to get more engagement; and
  • Look at the visibility, likes and comments of individual posts to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • (more…)