Data Processing Services
Data processing and information systems are a must-have in an organization of any size. Whether you handle large volumes of raw data or are involved with small amounts of data, you know that data conversion and data processing is vital to your business and in making strategic decisions. With rising costs towards staff salaries, overheads and infrastructural burdens, outsourcing your data processing needs to India might just be the solution that you are after.

Data processing services in India was one of the first service operations that started in helping the country become a leader in the outsourcing domain. Of late, a large number of organizations – from one man freelancers to small and medium shops have started offering data processing services.

Though you have a lot of options to choose from, when you look at India as your Information processing partner it becomes hard to choose who’s best suited to your needs. Let us demystify that for you.

What do data processing services cover?
Though many firms use data processing loosely to describe data entry and capture, it is actually an entire process of capturing raw data, computer or electronic data processing, conversion & analysis, and presenting them in a visual, tabular or textual format as useful information.

What are the data processing services that Volumatrix offers?

We offer a variety of data processing services such as the following:

  • Forms Processing
  • Survey processing
  • Litigation services
  • Credit card processing services

How will outsourcing data processing help me?
Data processing services outsourcing not only helps you reduce your operating and management costs significantly, it also allows you to reinvest the time and money in other core areas of your business.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing data and information processing tasks are:

  • Large-volume data processing – Managing huge volumes of data is time consuming as it is cost and resource intensive. Outsourcing reduces that burden by letting your offshore partner take that up for you
  • Data is entered in various formats – papers, images, scanners, forms etc. A professional data outsourcing company will have the necessary technical resources to capture data from all kinds of input formats
  • Reduce the inconsistency in data
  • Generate cost savings of up to 60% to what you are spending currently
  • Perform complex statistical analyses to gather critical information about your business, customer, competitors and stakeholders
  • Data and information can be presented as illustrated tables or as percentile rankings and distributions to give you a bird’s eye view of things as well as offering sufficient details to dig deeper into the data
  • Data extraction from unstructured content to build spreadsheets and databases

What can Volumatrix  Solutions do to help me?

Volumatrix solutions provide you all the benefits of master data management along with high-end data processing services. Organize, streamline and effectively utilize your data information by outsourcing data processing services to Volumatrix Solutions.

  • We have technically proficient staff and a separate team for data processing apart from other resources that we employ in our various services. We use in-house customized software to convert data from any kind of format
  • If you data is in print format (images and text documents), we use state-of-the-art scanning facilities to digitize them. These are later manually checked for errors and then a proof reading team will further review it to ensure that there are no errors in the process
  • Our digitization service division is well equipped to handle highly complex publishing solutions such as mathematical and scientific books, texts, journals and newsletters. Our expertise is built around a team of experienced editors, researchers and proofreaders, imaging and scanning technologies and document management standards that conform to global standards
  • Our universal data processing solutions are ideal for corporations, news organizations, publishers, educational institutions, libraries, etc., or to any information intensive organization



Title copy

Dear Readers,

Volumatrix Group presents latest edition of Giving Life Monthly magazine for your free reading.

It’s the best time of the year, arrival of Blessed month of Ramzan Ul Kareen and Independence Day! We wish you all!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we remember the flag, our forefather who laid their lives for our motherland, our patriotic and religious fervor and cherish the last few holidays in the rain. Where the feelings for our country and forefathers and our flag is almost the same, gratitude and respect. This is the month when we openly show love, courage and respect for that which is important, our Pakistan and share our blessings with our brothers and asking God for His mercy and blessings in Ramzan.

Many new features have been added to it and “we have given it a new life”. .  Like the new season, it is fresh and full of zest. It has a lot to offer now with celebrity interviews, health articles and fashion pages. Every article unfolds a lot of information about changing lifestyles and health matters. It has something or the other to read and see for all.

We are pleased to bring all of this information to you and delighted that you have chosen to stay and read us and thrilled that you have told your friends and colleagues about us.
So, relax, enjoy yourselves and dive into this issue. I’m certain it will be as refreshing as your first-of-the season summertime dip into the pool.

Happy reading ,Happy Independence day and Ramzan Greetings!

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110815023554-40bf323a5ac64e569752388d6556df3c docname=giving-life-aug-2011 username=volumatrix loadinginfotext=Giving%20Life%20Magazine%20-%20August%20Issue showhtmllink=true tag=fashion width=600 height=388 unit=px]



Volumatirx Group presents the latest edition of Giving Life Magazine. This latest episode has a lot to offer. The most critical and important duration of pregnancy is the last trimester, this issue deals with the precautions and preparations during this period for the expected-baby.

Usually the content of the magazine like ours is somewhat draggy and there are reasons for that, but in this issue, and from now on, you will find entertaining-stuff. In fact we are beginning with two surprises. Hasan Soomro and Nazli Nasr both affiliated with electronic media and are well-known names in the Pakistani Drama.

On a slightly different scale, we also spoke to Najia Ashar, a famous and well-known face of broadcast media. She walked us through her personal life, and shares the problems of working woman.

The exclusive verbalization of Maria & Faisal in this issue would be insightful for new couples, as they reveal how the working couple should cope with each other and share responsibilities. This mutual cooperation makes life easygoing and relations flourish.

The mercury descends this month, and weather all-around country changes; this is the best time for touring and traveling. Keeping the climate in mind we cover the chilly-valley Kaghan.

In the end, you will all glad to read this. Now you can write to us. We are also initiating “Letters to the Editor” section. Now you can write to us with your suggestions, proposals, advices and critiques.

Trust me your critics are as much necessary for us as your extolments. It will help us rectifying our mistakes and keep us on the right path.

[issuu backgroundcolor=FFFFFF showflipbtn=true documentid=110719152236-4fa13c1b3215480581162def931e8377 docname=giving-life-july-2011 username=volumatrix loadinginfotext=Giving%20Life%20July%20Issue showhtmllink=true tag=celebrities width=600 height=388 unit=px]


It’s June, days are lazy and hazy, this time of year is hot and houses must be sizzling and searing so does the news we have, keep scrolling your eyeballs down and you’ll know. This is the latest reading of Giving Life with this newest edition we’ve come to a decision to turn the magazine into a monthly-periodical instead of publishing it bimonthly. But change is not at the publication side only you will see it all over-and-inside the folios of the mag.

The latest issue presents a wide-range of topics including pregnancy related intricacies, soon-to-be-mom woes, child-care, precautions for preggers and many more. This month edition features include a detailed review of some of the places where you can go during the summer vacations. The article surveys around beaches, parks and fun-places suitable for you and your child.

Our cover story for this month is about “adopting a child” we’ve touch upon a very sensitive issue. Not a part of the family but trying to be is difficult strive on both ends- adopter and adoptee.  Other topics of interest are how to tag your tots; and how to guestimate the gender of your unborn bub? We are hopeful that you will find the magazine informative, entertaining and helpful.

[issuu backgroundcolor=FFFFFF showflipbtn=true documentid=110719110911-927512906ebe4d96abde1ada56e0f3f1 docname=givinglife-june2011 username=volumatrix loadinginfotext=Giving%20Life%20Magazine%20-%20June%202011 showhtmllink=true tag=family width=600 height=388 unit=px]

Please keep posting us with your suggestions, and if you don’t find it up to your mark, we will be waiting for your proposal ever than before.



Giving Life is a monthly magazine publication about family life, relationship, parenting, heath & fitness. The Issue of September 2010 is embedded below for free reading.

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=100922142237-df9f7e1701634a7abb6446cf883888a4 docname=giving-life-sep2010 username=thefinancialdaily loadinginfotext=Giving%20Life%20September%202010 showhtmllink=true tag=medical width=420 height=275 unit=px]


Giving Life is a monthly magazine publication about family life, relationship, parenting, heath & fitness. The Issue of Jan-Feb 2011 is embedded below for free reading.

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110121042428-067c0bec0be149d794646a4a85f83543 docname=gl-jan-feb username=thefinancialdaily loadinginfotext=GL%20Jan-Feb showhtmllink=true tag=healthcare width=420 height=307 unit=px]


Giving Life is a monthly magazine publication about family life, relationship, parenting, heath & fitness. The Issue of November 2010 is embedded below for free reading.

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=101130123644-3c3a7b59ea6f478497ea9000800897a0 docname=gl_mag username=thefinancialdaily loadinginfotext=Giving%20Life%20Magainze%20-%20November%202010 showhtmllink=true tag=healthcare width=420 height=272 unit=px]



Giving Life is a monthly magazine publication about family life, relationship, parenting, heath & fitness. The Issue of March 2011 is embedded below for free reading.

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110317183454-d3f1d1049599493bb0cf1cd93c46d468 docname=gl_march_april_2011 username=thefinancialdaily loadinginfotext=Giving%20Life%20-March%202011 showhtmllink=true tag=childrens width=420 height=276 unit=px]