PowerTrekk instant charger powers your smartphone with water

A Swedish firm myFC has created an instant mobile charger, dubbed the PowerTrekk, which makes use of water to produce power for your smartphones. PowerTrekk mixes water with a chemical powder called sodium silicide to generate hydrogen gas that can power your cells through the fuel cell technology. The PowerTrekk was put on display at CES 2012.

Smartphone charger uses water

It is exciting to see how the water-based mobile charger works. The device contains a hockey-puck like cartridge, named the Powerpukk that stores the powder and water at both ends. The chemical reaction inside the cartridge generates hydrogen, which uses fuel cell technology to produce energy for your smartphones, table lamps or any other devices attached with its USB connector.

There is nothing to worry about the chemical used in PowerTrekk. It is a non-toxic substance and it discharges only water vapor besides the gas, the company claims. The Powerpukk cartridge is also non-corrosive and leak-proof. You can use both salty and pure water for the process in PowerTrekk.

The cartridge can be used with fuel cell that rate from 1W to 3kW. The charger avails the same amount of power that four AA batteries can deliver. Indeed, it becomes an eco-friendly option to produce power as you can replace the cartridge with a new one. This way, you can reuse the charger over and over again.

The PowerTrekk charger will land in stores by May or June this year for a price between $200 and $250 dollars. For a new cartridge, you will have to spend $4. The New York based SiGNa has produced the Powerpukk cartridge for the charger. Watch the video below to see how PowerTrekk works.

Powertrekk – How it works from PowerTrekk on Vimeo.

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