Video Solar Powered Chariot Robot Brings Ancient Rome and Green Technology Together

The Maker Faire is a place where weird and wacky inventions are welcomed and championed, which is surely why Bob Schneeveis and Grant Grundler decided to debut their crazy solar powered electric chariot there. The chariot is a modern-day renewably powered take on the ancient Roman cart which is pulled around by a roller blading robot who glides with the greatest of ease. Video of the chariot in action after the jump.

YouTube Preview Image

Bob Schneeveis has been making electric vehicles for 30 years and has paired up with Inhabitat favorite the eatART collective — makers of the Mondo Spider and the amazing 50-foot long Titanoboa electric snake —  to create the solar powered Daisy tricycle. The robot who is tasked with pulling the chariot around is not only powerful enough to tug a couple of people along but also moves quite gracefully on its specially designed rollerblades. The wheeled feet are meant to allow the robot to lengthen its stride.

The Maker Faire is an annual traveling fair put on by the same people who bring Make Magazine to the world. According to their website, Make is the magazine that celebrates “your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will.”

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