IT’S BAAAACK! Southwest Airlines Scam Returns To Facebook

Just when you think Facebook has blocked every possible link to a particular scam meme, it returns with another web address. Southwest Airlines isn’t giving away 973 pairs of free tickets on the social network, and by now most people have learned that promises to that effect only lead to malware and spam.

Fewer people clicking on these free ticket postings helps slow the spread of new scams, ironically delaying the time it takes for Facebook’s immune system to identify the bad link and block it from the social network.

Regardless, 211 people have already been clickjacked in the latest fake ticket giveaway scam on Facebook that promises a voucher for two free tickets if you click on the link. Clicking takes you to a marketing survey that exposes you to malware.

As of this writing Facebook hadn’t yet begun blocking the web address associated with this scam.

We have no doubt that the social network will detect and block the address soon after we post this article. In the meantime, dear readers, have you seen fake ticket giveaway postings in your news feed?

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