Estonian auto company Dartz Kombat is known for making the Prombron — basically a bulletproof Hummer on steriods – however they recently announced plans to go ‘green’ by launching a bulletproof all-electric roadster called the Jo-Mojo. Set to debut in Monaco at the Top Marques show in April, the vehicle will feature a solar roof and muscular chassis. Check out a video slideshow of of the Jo-Mojo and its chameleon paint job — it actually changes colors — after the jump.

The Jo-Mojo is the zero-emissions incarnation of Dartz’s original Roadster, and like the first car it was designed in collaboration with Eduard Gray of Gray Design. According to the press release from Dartz, the new car, “has the presence and attitude to start a fight with even it’s most notorious rivals. Patented bullet wheels, chameleon paint job and custom seating ensure this pint sized mischief maker will be as individual as it’s owner.”

Eduard Gray designed the Jo-Mojo to handle the curves of the Cote d’Azur and to allow its driver to show up to a party in style. Despite the fact that the car has a “lightly armored” exterior, it has an “open topped” design, meaning you better duck if someone fires a bullet your way — but really, who fires bullets on the Cote d’Azur? (We’re pretty sure celebrities wouldn’t flock to San Tropez if they needed to slap kevlar on each time they went out for espresso.) No word on how the vehicle is charged — it would take a long time if the only power comes from the very few solar panels on the roof — but they say it has a 100 horsepower motor. Sadly it takes a whopping 9.5 seconds to go from 0 to 60 – perhaps Dartz didn’t do their homework on the other super fast, super safe electric sports cars already zipping around curves in the mountains.

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