5 Steps To Prep Your Facebook Profile For A Job Search

If you are searching for a job, whether you already have one or not, and you’ve got a profile on Facebook,you should make sure that all unprofessional photos and language are removed or blocked from the public. If you don’t,  potential employers may choose not to interview you because of inappropriate content.

Listed below are the steps you should take to make your Facebook profile is ready for your job search.

1. Edit the Info Section

Take a look at the section of your profile that describes you, and make sure all inappropriate language has been deleted.

Also, make sure all of your information is current and up to date. For example, your current city, your current job and where and when you graduated.

2. Review Photos

Review every photo in every photo album that you created. Delete any inappropriate images of you or anyone else.

3. Block Image Tagsging

To block all photos that others have tagged of you, go to the “Privacy Settings” section on your Facebook page. Click “How Tags Work.” Change “Maximum Profile Visibility” to “Custom, Only Me.”

This will allow friends to tag you in photos, updates and notes, but they will only be visible to you on your profile.

4. Limit Your Visibility

If you would like to make your updates and photos visible to friends only, make sure your default privacy setting is set to “friends” and not “public.”

This setting is at the top of the main privacy settings page, which you can access by clicking in the upper right hand corner of any screen on Facebook.

5. Opt Out Of Searches

If you are interested in totally blocking your Facebook page from public search, click on “Edit Settings” under the “How You Connect” setting, and change who can look up your profile by name or contact info to “friends of friends” or “friends.”

This will prevent anyone other than your friends or someone who is a friend of a friend from searching for your profile.

If you are confused about what is appropriate or inappropriate content to keep in your profile, just ask yourself would you hire someone if they the same thing posted on their Facebook. If the answer is no or if it’s questionable, delete the text or photo.

If you have questions about your privacy on Facebook, refer to the site’s help center, which you can find via links at the bottom of every screen and also within the pull-down men in the upper right-hand corner.


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