Toyota’s New Color-Changing Fun-Vii Car is a Social Network on Wheels

Toyota just unveiled their latest futuristic concept car – the Toyota Fun-Vii ahead of the Tokyo Auto Show. The innovative vehicle features a high-tech body embedded with a display that allows drivers to change the exterior to any image their heart desires. The interior also changes to match your mood – and the interactivity doesn’t stop there. The car talks to the outside world, keeps track of environmental conditions to avoid danger, and it brings social networking to the streets by allowing you to connect with friends who are driving nearby.


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The Toyota Motor Company will be displaying a number of never before seen concept vehicles in Tokyo with the slogan, “Fun to Drive, Again” emblazoned on their booth. The Fun-Vii sure looks like a trip with flowers scattered across its hood – but imagine the possibilities for taxi ads and delivery vehicles. Forget about spraying on a logo or dealing with messy stickers – you just download an image and press go. Voila, your vehicle is transformed.

Toyota hasn’t unveiled any information about the tech specs, but we can picture this car of the future with a solar paneled roof on the outside and an electric motor on the inside. The designers envision that in addition to the car interacting with others on the road, drivers can interact with it when they’re not near the car. Certain features of the car can be manipulated remotely simply by whipping out a cell phone and chatting away.

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