Sustainable and renewable energy sources has been the main source of various efforts on both designing as well as scientific levels. Over the years, the development in this field has been subtly pushing forward to more feasible as well as practical applications in offices, homes and also small outdoor efforts. The Solar Pod featured today, however, takes a step forward towards more commercial applications with an architectural twist. The pod came forward while working for greener solutions in context of not domestic but rather public gatherings which requires a certain degree of sophistication united to functional utility of stored renewable power. To bring alive such dreams and amalgamate futuristic power technologies to a greener aesthetic context, the Solar Pod brings forth a metallic flower facade lined inside with thin film solar collectors which symbolically holds forth the fruit for effective future replacement of fossil fuels.

Valmik Vyas, a Philadelphia based leading designer and architect, has designed this solar flower imitating natural instincts of blooming open to the sun rays to absorb the solar power into its collectors embedded within its inner compartments. With the presence of solar rays, the flower opens its petals, which has been designed with care and elegance, to absorb the rays in its thin films of solar panels and with sun set snaps close. This mechanism ensures safe storage of power that is further utilized in times of need to enable flow of power even when sun is there not around to supply power. The setting up of a prominent energy network by various such lined up pods will however energize long hours of power utilization for conducting commercial events like, exhibitions, meetings and many such small or big business gatherings.

The project initiated by Vyas as part of the Gage Clemenceau Architects project, is in the series of many such mechanical solar pods that focuses on devising effective alternative power system aimed for concert or exhibition halls, etc. and able to replace contemporary large scale notion of green power. The metallic flower pods individually stand about 14 ft. in height and follows automotive structural lines of design. It blossoms up to function as an urban as well as sub-urban energy generating device. The black and golden arty design of the pods juggles functionality with design with a panache that further highlights and generates interests in the development of emerging technologies through a new lingo of architectural packaging.

This hybrid solar pod provides a futuristic solution on energy independence from polluting resources providing a more fashionable yet sustainable source of power. It conserves the energy within its axis and uses it as and when required. The Solar pod is far more than just an chic and exciting eco-power device. It provides an invaluable glimpse of how enhancement of solar cell design, storage mechanisms and mechanical contrivance for energy efficiency could come together to make zero-emission a technically viable possibility for commercial buildings as well. It opens a bright future possibility of encompassing green power into re-establishing sustainable architectural achievements.


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