Likes remain the most prevalent form of engagement on Facebook, but comments have more pull — more than four times as much.

EdgeRank Checker has found that the average comment on a post attracts more than four times as many clickthroughs as the average like.

The average post on Facebook generates:

  • 3.103 clicks per like,
  • 14.678 clicks per comment, and
  • .005 clicks per impression (meaning page view).

This ties into what we’ve previouslyreported fromEdgeRank Checker about how the changed Facebook news feed benefits brand pages with large numbers of fans, while harming those with fewer fans.

EdgeRank now believes that the ability to create content that is more relevant to their fans benefits smaller Facebook brand pages when compared with their larger counterparts.

The company says:

We think these data suggest that smaller pages are able to create more relevant content for their fans, which ultimately results in higher clicks and shares. This may be further indication that large brands should make multiple pages to narrow down their audience. For example, Nike takes this approach: Nike, Nike Football, Nike Basketball, etc. This allows their branding to be more focused and honed in, possibly resulting in more clicks and shares.

Independent of the size of a page’s fan base, EdgeRank has new data about which day of the week sees the most engagement on posts: Wednesday. Conversely, things that go up on Friday get the least engagement.

Readers: Do you find that content from smaller Facebook brand pages is of more interest to you?


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