Everyday thousand of vehicles are added on the roads that gulp down gas. These gas-guzzling beasts not only consume precious resources but are also responsible for polluting the environment. Keeping the ill-effects in mind, people are considering powering their rides with alternate forms if energy for a better tomorrow. But, Eco-friendly rides are often considered dull and slow that is a major put off. Fret no more! There are many designers who are working on this and have created solar-powered cars that will make eyes pop and jaws drop. Solar energy is free and is present in abundance, which can prove to be beneficial if used in the correct way. Below is a list of ten most Eco-friendly concept cars that run on solar energy.

1. Midier Solar-powered car

Midier Solar-powered car

Midier Solar-powered carThe Midier Solar-powered car

The Midier Solar-powered Car is an Eco-friendly car by Siyang Liu. The roof has been swathed with solar panels that harness energy from the sun to power the stunning coupe. Midier has been blessed with attention-grabbing looks and has fetched heavy inspiration from Apple products. It has been fitted with a complete DJ setup hence can double as a party center without much effort. The sumptuous coupe can also be charged using tradition electric sockets in case the sun refuses to shine.

2. Peugeot OMNI

Peugeot OMNI

Peugeot OMNIPeugeot OMNI is a Sporty, aerodynamic car and gets powered by the sun

Peugeot OMNI will leave people stunned with its dainty avatar. It is a small city car that vows to keep the surrounding away from pollution. The coupe can accommodate two people at a time and will be perfect for metropolitans. The futuristic car has been crafted using carbon fiber that will inject the much needed strength. The sporty vehicle will save space and also precious resources. Lithium batteries have been nicely concealed under the hood and get all the juice from solar energy, thanks to the solar cells that have been wedged on the car’s body. The dashboard features a display that will make it easy for the driver to keep a track on other activities happening on the road. But, the most astonishing feature that will force people to slip in a state of awe is OMNI’s ability to move sideways as well. This will make it easy to park the car and get out of traffic chocked roads.

3. Helios Solar-powered car

Helios Solar-powered car

Helios Solar-powered carThe Helios Solar-powered car

Helios Off-Road car is an Eco-friendly creation by Kim Gy-Han. This performance oriented coupe can move at a great speed and fetches power from the rays of the sun. It has solar panels that can be extended when the energy demand is more, as it can also be exploited to charge other electronic items decorating our lives. The panels sprout out of the roof and this design has fetched heavy inspiration from the animal kingdom. The solar panels can be easily folded when not in use.

4. BMW Lovos concept car

BMW Lovos concept car

BMW Lovos concept carNature-inspired BMW Lovos concept car

Here is another concept that will come fitted with an electric engine. This engine will fetch power from the sun and has been named BMW Lovos. Designed by Anne Forschner, this emission ride will be dipped in solar photovoltaic cells that heavily resemble fish scales, which can be opened or closed. The scales have the capability to move with the direction of the sun that makes sure it takes in maximum possible energy. Apart from the body, 12 scales have been fitted in each wheel that acts like turbines when the car rolls on the roads.

5. Jaguar Mark XXI

Jaguar Mark XXI

Jaguar Mark XXIJaguar Mark XXI autonomous car gets powered by solar energy

Jaguar Mark XXI is a brainchild of Christopher Pollard, a car designer by profession. It has been fitted with an electric engine that will fetch power from the photovoltaic panels that have been caked all over the body of this eye-appealing coupe. The energy produced with help of these solar panels is stored in the onboard battery pack for later use. When the car is not being used, the panels can be easily lifted and made to face in the direction of sun for maximum energy intake. The futuristic creation will move around without the need of a person sitting behind the wheel and maneuvering it through the streets.

6. Nissan iV concept electric car

Nissan iV concept electric car

Nissan iV concept electric carNissan iV concept electric car gets powered by solar energy

Nissan iV concept electric car is totally futuristic and will make people drool all over it. The car can comfortably seat four people and weighs as less as 1000lbs as it has been crafted using lightweight materials that are sturdy as well. The coupe will be formed from a photovoltaic material that is said to be almost 99 percent lighter than even glass. This sports car will grace the roads not before 2035 and will feature a manufacturing technique named organic synthetics. In this automotive parts are cultivated in a 100 percent carbon neutral and sustainable process. The canopy will unfurl open air views and also harness energy from the sun. This will power bio-batteries and will make the car move for a good 1200 miles when fully charged.

7. Eve – Electric Chameleon

Eve - Electric Chameleon

Eve – Electric ChameleonAn all-electric future concept car that taps into both frictional and solar energy to give a clean and emission-free ride

Omar Huerta has designed the Eve-Electric car that makes good use of both solar as well as frictional energy and can accommodate three people. It comes packed with green features that will befriend the environment in no time. Just like a chameleon changes colors this coupe can change shades with the help of a light reflecting technique. The windshield has been coated with a special material that happily harnesses rays of the sun. On the other hand, the main frame has been crafted using a mixture of polymers. These polymers are capable of generating electricity by making good use of friction produced by wheels.



VW VANConcept car with a zero emission electric engine

VW VAN is a zero emission ride that comes wedged with an electric engine. Adam Danko’s design is a cut above the rest and will come soaked in green traits. The designer has recreated the classic VW Transporter T1, which will make eyes do a cartwheel in surprise. The electric engine fitted in this elegant coupe has the capability to produce 150-200 PS. The rooftop has been fitted with solar panels that power the car. In case the sun doesn’t shine simply charge it by making good use of household socket.

9. Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero

Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero

Mercedes-Benz Formula ZeroSolar powered Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero sports car

Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero ranks high on the style graph like all other cars under the name Merc. The sports car will be solar powered and comes tagged with the Formula One flavor. The environmentally-friendly coupes very energy efficient and will make jaws drop till the floor because of its sumptuousness. Its introduction on racing tracks will send a green message and free the world from the clutches of deterioration.

10. Solar-Powered Volvo

Solar-Powered Volvo

Solar-Powered VolvoThe Futuristic Solar-Powered Volvo

Expected to make a grand entry in the year 2015 is the Solar-Powered Volvo with a hybrid power train. It makes good use of solar energy as well as fuel cells that are responsible for distributing energy to hub motors, which have been wedged in all the wheels. It looks like a huge truck that is being specially constructed for the Dakar Rally. The awe-inspiring coupe has a solar roof and will not add any pollutants to the environment.

Source: ecofriend

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