15 advancements in solar power that could fight global warming

The growing effects of global warming, resulting from the rising of earth’s average temperature, caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases which in turn is a result of consistent deforestation and burning of fossil fuels, has to be brought to a standstill without further delay to protect are planet from its evil and scrupulous actions. The expansion of sub-tropical deserts, change in the pattern of precipitation, thawing of glaciers, permafrost and ice-caps, extreme climatic behavior, drought, heavy rainfall, shifting temperature regimes, all of these include the endless evil effects of global warming on mother earth.

However, to combat and minimize the evils of global warming, some persistent and consistent efforts are being taken globally like mitigating to reduce emissions, geo-engineering to remove greenhouse gases, reflecting incoming solar radiation back to space, energy efficient efforts by utilizing solar cell technology and inducing the consciousness among the people to plant more and more trees.

Lets discuss 15 such advancements in solar power to fight global warming

1. Super hybrid cars

These specially designed gas electric hybrid cars use solar energy to run 100 miles per gallon giving a mileage of 87mph. Built entirely out of carbon fiber and composites, these cars have arrangements for seating 3 people and are absolutely eco-friendly, using sunlight as their key ingredient to meet their fuel requirements.

2. Peel and stick solar panels

Extremely efficient and cost effective, this innovative variety of solar panels use standard roof adhesives to attach its modules to the roof of your house without drilling holes or using bolts, thus maintaining their integrity and quality, without making any intrusions on the outer structure of your house.

3. Chic solar bags

Juicing up your gadgets the eco-friendly way by bringing in these special solar bags for usage can be a great idea, though this technology has been used in the past, when solar panels were embedded inside the bags, leaving less room for style and design feature. However, the latest ones designed by Noon Solar offers six distinctive designs in this aspect, making it worth the value spent on possessing it.

4. Solar powered AC

The latest invention lets your air conditioners run on solar power. These specific models of air conditioners use only 170 watts of solar panel to cool up a room sized 600 sq. ft. in area. Now, that can be really easy on your pocket, as it directly influences your electric bills the green way.

5. Solar skin cell phones

The ‘Eclipse Intint Phone’ is a cell phone covered with solar cells, made from chemically based thin solar skin which charges the phone’s battery on exposure to any kind of light. Its features include a 5 megapixel camera, slide out touch keyboard, integrated software for editing and uploading images and a humongous touchscreen. What else can you ask for to make a phone more user friendly.

6. Solar towered lingerie

Triumph International, Japan has launched its latest collection of bras which have waist mounted solar panels that can assist to power any electronic gadget while clinging to the chest of the wearer of the lingerie.

7. Solar power yachts

The Volitan, a sleek solar powered boat that resembles a plane, is named after a mediterranean fish, the wings of which are coated with solar panels and the functioning of which is dependent on sun and wind. The on board computer controls the wings positioning and the electronic motors are located on the shorter wings, making it easier to meet its basic requirements of the sun’s rays and the blowing wind.

8. Solar panel handbags

This funky handbag collection has in-built solar panels and it is very practical to use as it can charge tiny gadgets like cell phones and iPods. So, now you don’t have to worry if your phone runs out of battery in the midst of a picnic or an excursion.

9. Solar powered bikes

These bikes have a canopy which in turn has solar cells, enabling them to power a small motor located at the rear of the bike while the cyclist pedals his way along at up to 15 miles per hour.

10. Solar speed boats

World’s first ever introduced solar speed boat, Czeers MK 1, is a 10m long, 20 Knots boat with zero emission, having 100% carbon fiber speedster power with photovoltaic cells all over to run the boat.

11. Solar powered tree chargers

Photonsynthese, a bonsai tree-shaped charger which consists of 54 tiny photo voltaic panels that store accumulated energy in a battery during the day, which can be used to charge cell phones and cameras by plugging them beneath the tree as and when required.

12. Curtains as solar energy collectors

Specially designed household curtains which can be described as flexible, semi-transparent solar collectors that can help create 16K watts of electricity per hour by transforming solar energy to a structure meant to do the needful.

13. Solar powered loungers

The Tech Chair is a solar powered chaise lounger with an overhead shade, made of solar paneled fabric, to enable you to look at your laptop and charge your electronics at the same time while relaxing and easing out at the beach or near a pool.

14. Solar powered bus stop ads

Miami is full of such solar powered ad panels at bus stops that save 2 tons of carbon emission. It is really an eco-friendly ad movement.

15. Mini eco-chargers

These are solar charger key-rings that can charge your important electronic gadgets like cell phones and cameras while on the move and during emergencies as they are handy as well as a constant source of energy.

Let’s conclude by saying that implementing clean power sources and using photovoltaic cells, derived from sunlight which is free, abundant and consistent can help save our planet from its biggest enemy disguised as global warming.

Via: ecofriend

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